Louise Evans

Facilitator of Support Groups

Louise Evans is the founding Director at Walk Together Counselling. She has had over 9 years of experience as a Counsellor and has helped thousands of clients during this time. Her areas of expertise include: crisis – suicide prevention; relationship counselling, self-esteem, trauma, walk and talk therapy, grief, loss and life coaching.

Louise is passionate about suicide prevention and was one of the organisers of Western Sydney Suicide Prevention and Support Networks’ HOPE walk for Penrith in 2019.

The Network has engaged Louise as a facilitator for a Bereaved by Suicide Support Group in Penrith in 2020.

Her Private Practice, Walk Together Counselling focuses on walk and talk therapy and so combines all the physical and mental benefits of walking and counselling.

Mrs Evans also has a keen interest in Life and Relationship Coaching and working with members of the LGBTQI community.