Our Funding

Where our funding has come from

The Network has traditionally been funded by donations and the fundraising efforts of the volunteer members of the Network.  This has generally been very small scale and meant that we relied predominantly on the support of volunteers to facilitate our support groups and run the various other programs and activities over the years. 

We have been fortunate to have the support of a number of community organisation with both Bendigo Bank Richmond and Rotary Club of Kurrajong providing valuable financial support over many years.  We also have a number of supporters in relation to specific programs and initiatives, including:  

  • Hawkesbury Council
  • Springwood Cycling Club
  • Semicolon Charity
  • Bunnings
  • Sam’s Gourmet Café


Muster Grant

In early 2019 we were encouraged to provide a submission to the Federal Minister for Families and Social Services who had asked us – What are the suicide rates for the Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains and Penrith?

As we replied in our initial submission the question seemed a simple one but alas it was not. The Australian Bureau of Statistics tells us that suicide in our area is higher than the national average, but we have no sense of their personal stories, experiences or circumstances.

Our initial submission was received favourably and we were encouraged in mid-2019 to apply for a grant under the Mutual Understanding, Support, Tolerance, Engagement and Respect (MUSTER) Initiative as part of the Strong and Resilient Communities Program. 

In November 2019 our funding proposal was successful to establish and fund the operation of six Suicide Bereavement Support Groups in 2020 and 2021. A small research project in the Hawkesbury LGA will be partially funded from this grant.

We have subsequently agreed to a variation of our agreement due to the impact of COVID-19 and an increase in our funding.

How do I join a group?

Step 1: 
Call 02 4577 4435 to speak with our Support Group Manager, who will take some preliminary details and arrange a meeting for you with your local group Facilitator.

Step 2: 
Meet with your local group Facilitator. This gives you the opportunity to share the circumstances of your loss in a confidential manner and allows time for the Facilitator to understand how to support you attending the group for the first time.

Step 3:
Liaise with your local group Facilitator about attending your first group meeting.


Group locations

The Network provide support groups for adults in theHawkesbury, Penrith and Blue Mountains local government areas.

Our Support groups are located in:
-  Windsor
-  North Richmond
-  2 groups are located in Penrith CBD
-  Katoomba
-  Blaxland


Joining a Network Support Group is easy, just make the call.


Need help urgently

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, Call 000

The mental health access line
For more information on mental health assistance, please Click Here

Help a friend

If you know someone who could benefit from joining one of our support groups, why not share our brochure with them.