Mary-Ellen Jamieson


My journey, like others, has had many twists and turns and I have struggled and succeeded along the way. I have learnt that life can impose circumstances on us that we have no control over, but each of us still have the choice of how we are going to move forward through those circumstances. I have chosen an occupation that that allows me to journey with others as others journeyed with me.

I currently work part-time as a Family Ministry worker. Having been involved in faith-based groups and community work in different socio-economic and culturally diverse groups for much of my life, I hopefully have developed a balanced view of how life’s difficulties and triumphs impact on the lives of people.

I have been a resident in the Blue mountains for over 35 years. My husband and I have raised 3 children and enjoy the blessing of 6 grandchildren. My personal history is in nursing, pastoral counselling and working alongside parents of children with behavioural difficulties. For the last 11 years I have facilitated a program teaching behavioural and resilience skills to children. Much of the work that has occupied my time has been with families, youth and children. This has been a mixture of voluntary contribution and paid work. I became interested in this type of work well before I became a facilitator as I have a daughter who had learning and behavioural difficulties. I started by running a parent support group to link up with others in the same situation. I had had the experience of working with profoundly disabled children as a registered nurse.

I decided to move into counselling and invested in furthering my counselling career and have recently completed an Advanced Diploma in Counselling. I try my best to draw on the various skills I have learned to encourage others to discover opportunities for themselves and to make the most of what life has sent their way. I enjoy building relationships with others, sharing laughter, life, tears and concerns in a safe way where trust and respect can be shown no matter whom they are or where their journey has taken them. My other passions are cooking, singing and public speaking as well as appreciating the peace of living in the Blue Mountains environment. I have over time engaged in various community groups and organisations in the local area as well as well as further afield. I am looking forward to working alongside The
Network Support and continuing the journey.