Please don’t do your grief journey alone.


The Surviving Suicide group is my ‘LIGHTHOUSE’ because it’s a place where I tried to find my meaning and purpose in life to survive for others to live. We need this light to brighten our daily dilemmas that is so dark to see.

In my 3 years’ journey with the support group, I have had so many flickering lights. I search my light keeper for the right path, because sometimes my torch has blown out and I stumble in the path with so many rough edges. And sometimes I have wallowed in rough seas with waves so high that I fall into misery and have to search for the guiding light because I can’t travel alone by myself.

Please don’t do your grief journey alone, especially in this type of loss that is very elusive in the many ways of how our loved ones left us. Connection with others bereaved by suicide is very crucial. We always need to connect with people who have common experiences with us, and the burden will be lighter to carry on.

This group has become my ‘lighthouse’ and we are all light bearers to people who don’t know and are still ignorant about mental illness and suicide. Telling the truth is a way to healing. To be sad is part of being human, but for me, to be sad is my symptom for my greatest LOVE to Jay”.


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