Lorrie Louws

Facilitator of Support Groups

Having worked as an Occupational Therapist in Mental Health for 15 years and now as the owner of a small business, I am passionate about service delivery that facilitates wellbeing tailored to individuals, teams/groups, organisations, and community needs.

My desire is to facilitate understanding and growth in valued roles by utilizing the unique skills and strengths of individuals. I understand that in context to experience, beliefs and personal values, sense-making is possible within a person’s journey.  Investing in this process can assist people toward a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

Being human means that we will all experience hardship, or challenges that can overwhelm us. The Key to Resilience is learning and practising how to rise again afterwards.

Connecting with people and our furry legged friends are two great passions of mine.  I look forward to connecting with you soon.